FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQ, if you don’t find any answer contact us.
If you did not find the answer you were looking for among the FAQs contact us.

Which kind of timber do you use for your raw frames?

For our frames we use only beech-wood

Are your frames made in Italy?

All our frames are completely produced in Italy

Can your models be customized?

Unfortunately all our frames have standard sizes, so they can not be changed or customized

Do you offer any transport?

We sell our frames only Ex-Works, so we can offer no transport, you have to provide for it.

I am a private person, can I buy your articles?

We supply you with only raw frames which need further processing to finish product, but we are willing to sell our articles to private who will provide directly with finishing.

Do you also sell abroad?

Of course we do.

Do you only offer baroque style furniture?

Our articles are mainly baroque style, but on our catalog there are frames in other styles too.

Is your online catalog complete?

In our site you can see many articles, only some articles are missing, especially 2 seater sofas.

Do you have modern furniture?

Our articles can fit perfectly modern environment

What about delivery time?

At our warehouse we have many pieces, time of delivery could be in few days or in case of production, after 60/90 days, however it depends on quantities and models ordered

Do you have resellers? Can we become resellers?

You can contact us for more information

Do you offer supplies for hotels and restaurants?

Thanks to our wide catalog, we are able to supply furniture for hotels, restaurants, theatres and clubs.

Do you have a catalog?

We just have a digital catalog, we can send it to you after receiving your request to our mail

Ask for our PDF catalog

Receive our catalog with technical description and sizes of all our products catalog